by Jo Ann Benoit, LE, PMA

Excuses for NOT Drinking Water:

(Part 1)

drink enough water, how much to drink

What’s your excuse?

  • “I don’t drink water because I don’t like the taste of water”.
  • “I don’t drink water because of my job. If I drink water it makes me go to the bathroom and I can’t stop and use the bathroom every 5 minutes!”
  • “I don’t get thirsty so I don’t drink water.”
  • “I don’t drink water because I retain water.”

If you have an excuse besides the ones listed here, please read this article to see if something can convince you that whatever your excuse is, you need to find a way to take it away and drink more water!

how much, how do I know

Many people don’t even know how much water they drink …

Many people do not even know how much water they drink per day; much less truly understand the importance of sufficient water intake for the body to function efficiently, be healthy and to have nice skin! The fact is pretty much every cell of the body and every function of your body needs water and if it doesn’t get the proper intake, guess what…. it takes it from your skin or the skin never gets the water in the first place. So is it a wonder that nearly everyone has dehydrated skin?

The excuses, which were listed above, are the most common ones I hear, but there are others as well. My job, (or your job if you’re an esthetician), is to take all the excuses away. To have beautiful/healthy skin, or at least the best skin you can have, and to be healthy, it is imperative to have sufficient moisture inside AND out. Using a good moisturizer and getting facials is like putting a band-aide on a gaping wound. It may help, but it really is not doing the proper job; you need to drink water.

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